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6 Instagram Food Photography Tips To Make You A Successful Instagram Food Blogger

6 Instagram Food Photography Tips To Make You A Successful Instagram Food Blogger

Instagram by and large effects the life of more than 1 billion people globally. Food is one of the most liked niches in the Instagram. There are many food bloggers who are having millions of followers and are earning good buck. The most important element that makes a food blog on Instagram successful and likable is the photographs of the different food items, these photos spark the food sensors in us just by the mere look of it. So posting an amazing and breathtaking or rather mouthwatering photo is quintessential in Instagram food niche.

You may surmise if you don’t possess an extravagant, costly camera, there’s no motivation to try and attempt to take better photographs. Notwithstanding, by rolling out a couple of straightforward improvements, you can enhance your sustenance photography, regardless of what sort of camera you possess: DSLR, simple to use, or even a telephone camera.

Here are my 6 hints to enable you to take better photographs.

1. Lighting Is Of Paramount Importance:

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If you take in one thing from this post, take in this: lighting is the greatest factor in deciding the nature of your photographs. Basically moving from a dreary space to a brilliantly lit one will significantly affect your photographs. For instance, the photograph that has gone up against dim ledges creates a great effect. If there are zero windows in your kitchen, so it’s for the most part makes it really dull except if you turn on the lights. Be that as it may, counterfeit lighting isn’t the prettiest.

If you basically move over the table and place it directly before a window, the photograph in a split second enhances. Another part of lighting is the course of the light source. I will in general utilize three fundamental light sources: back, front, and side. The photograph taken with the light originating from behind the food item makes the look of the photograph extremely contrasty. The photograph taken with the light originating from before the food item makes it look delicate, and the hues are more soaked. The photograph taken with the light originating from the correct side of the food item that is side lighting somewhat tilts to the better of the two universes: it’s gentler than backdrop illumination, yet has preferable difference over front lighting.

2. Take The Picture With Perfect Angles:

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There’s a reason that the best down photographs on Instagram are so prominent: the restrictions of a cell phone aren’t as discernible when you take the photograph from above. This is on the grounds that cell phone camera focal points are generally wide, and shooting from the side versus above makes the subject look more misshaped. It is a fact that the photos taken with an incorrect angle that too with a cellphone does give a disoriented photo and not an eye pleasing one. So always choose the angles which bring the best portion of the dish and also highlighting its main ingredients.

3. Take Help Of External Props To Add Sparkle To The Food Photo:

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Adding a couple of props to your setup can truly recount your story better and include some visual intrigue. In any case, you should be mindful so as to utilize props that fit the specific circumstance. If you are preparing something with the strawberry for instance it would be beneficial if you put nice matching pink or white plates and the background could have green and garden touch to it. You can also use stuff toys, fancy plates and other props that seem suitable to add sparkle to the photo.

4. Simplicity Has No Equal:

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You might be enticed to utilize a huge amount of props to make your photograph additionally fascinating. Props can add to the story you’re endeavoring to tell, If that you utilize too much, your photograph can simply look jumbled. So be creartive to the fullest, use the props but don’t overdo it and don’t overshadow the dish which is the main hero with external items or overdoing it. Keep is simple. The focal points in littler cameras more often than not can’t exhibit a little profundity of field—the whole photograph is in core interest. In the event that you downplay the props, it will attract the concentration to your fundamental subject.

5. Be Steadfast And Firm While Taking The Snaps:

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Frequently, little cameras experience difficulty taking a photograph that isn’t hazy. Here are 3 different ways to battle that: Keep your elbows at your sides. This steadies your hands and diminishes wobble. Utilize the clock on your telephone/camera. Frequently, the haze happens when you push the shade. Utilizing the clock keeps everything steadier the minute the photograph is taken. Utilize a tripod. For the steadiest shot conceivable, put your camera on a tripod. You can even get exceptional connections for your telephone.

6. Proper Editing Can Be The Game Changer:

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I can’t stress enough how vital altering is to the last look of your photographs. In some cases cameras don’t get the hues or nuances that our stripped eye can. A touch of alteration makes it more genuine to how we see it. The photographs should have a couple of fundamental modifications: presentation, differentiate, sharpness, shading, and so forth. There are many third party applications that enable you to effortlessly alter how your photograph looks. My undisputed top choices are collage builder, photo editor, and Instagram. I trust these tips and traps help you on your adventure to taking better photographs.


Food is a very big and growing industry in Instagram and everyday more and more people are entering this filed because of it being a rather general niche. The only edge that you have is your presentation and posting. So work hard on your pictures. Take professional help if possible and post some breathtaking and amazing food pictures.

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