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6 Profitable Niche That Can Make You Popular On Instagram

6 Profitable Niche That Can Make You Popular On Instagram

6 Profitable Instagram Niche

6 Profitable Niche That Can Make You Popular On Instagram

Instagram is something that everyone, who is using a smartphone and has an internet access is aware about or rather say is addicted about. With the user count reaching 1 billion it is something that has a very strong global impact. Instagram has become a multi-billion enterprise with people earning in millions from it and on it. So if you are looking to be social media influencers, Instagram becomes the number one choice for it. But this thought is crossing in the heart of millions of other wannabe influencers. But why that is only a select few are able to crack the ice and be successful on Instagram. Well the secret lies in the selection of NICHE.

The selection and utilization of niche is the most important factor that decide your Instagram future. If you select a wrong niche your instagram account is doomed from the Initiation. There are many factors that should be considered while selecting the niche. People tend to start an Instagram profile in the hope of making it big and earning great money. The reality is that majority of them either give up within first few months or some wait for years for getting that great number in followers and earning in millions, both dream are shattered and people end to guess what went wrong. Well we want to clear this dilemma and help you in becoming a Instagram conglomerate. We are providing you with the list of 6 niches that are time tested and profitable and can do wonders for your Instagram journey.

Fitness And Health

6 Profitable Niche That Can Make You Popular On Instagram

This is a niche that never fails. It is a very large industry and the Instagram is cramming with fitness trainers and fitness pages. Yet on a closer look we find that each and every fitness profile is earning a decent share. Some top influencers like Michelle Lewin (13.2M), Simeon Panda (4.3M), Jen Selter (12.4M) etc. are earning in millions with each post. This is a really good niche which provides variety of options to get into it. If you have a great physique you can be a online Instagram trainer, if you have knowledge of supplements it has a potential in supplements, you can try gym apparels, fitness instruments. In short sky is the limit in this amazing niche in Instagram.

Online Money making Niches:

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Well this is another niche where almost everyone searches on the internet. Instagram searches are filled with the keywords regarding quick money making. So you can enter into this niche if you have a good command over the subject. Though it has a stiff competition, but still has great potential if you know your trade well.

Travel and beauty Niches:

Buy Instagram Likes

We have combined both the niches as the audience on these niches are somewhat same and both are loosely connected to each other. These niches provide a great opportunity for affiliated marketing and sponsorship income. There is a huge demand and search for beauty and travel keywords. You can easily make a beauty profile and provide tips and advice’s in day to day beauty tips and make videos for that also. If you are good on this you can easily create and good fan following and can earn through affiliate commission.

Travel blogs are even more interesting as it gives you the opportunity to travel places and earn in the process. It must be the coolest win-win situation in the social media influencer world. The most lucrative thing about this process is that you can get sponsorship income for your travels and have a free all-expense paid holiday and becoming rich and famous in the process.



Blogging is a very high competition blog, but still it is in list as it truly has a great potential and is highly profitable. As said this is a highly competitive niche and there are many big players that are taking the big chunk of the market. Bloggers who are on the 1st and 2nd pages of the SERP are the ones who really earn big on this niche. The silver lining for you though is that you can work on blogging on keywords that are not so much crowded. Little research and you can find numerous such subject that are not been looked upon by the blogging community.

Affiliate Tutorial Niche:

Affiliate Tutorial Niche

No don’t get us wrong, we are not talking about the affiliate being the niche. But teaching, blogging and posting about affiliate, like tutorials on affiliates. It is a very strong niche and has great traffic on this niche. It is also a sub branch of the keyword making money online, but it in itself is a very large niche.

Digital marketing:

Digital Marketing

This is also a very traffic generating niche and the plus point is that the competition is not as fierce in this as the niches mentioned above, yet it is growing gradually. It can be very well utilized on Instagram for creating a profitable Instagram account. Various methods and tricks can be shared and thought through your Instagram profile and thus followers can be increased, leading to income generation through sponsorship income.


Thus we see that to conquer the Instagram shell of popularity and money we need to have command over the niche. Without a proper well researched niche Instagram can be a disaster if you have being a influencer in mind. But if you follow the above said niche you can really break the ice on Instagram and can be the real deal. All the discussed niches are well tested and have a nearly 100% success rate. So a little research and great creativity and hard work can work wonders for you.

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