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Why Views Are Important For Becoming Tiktok Influencer?

Tik Tok influencer marketing opportunities are sprouting up everywhere as Tik Tok takes off as the fastest growing social media platform. There are many important factors to consider to equip your brand with the knowledge to jumpstart or optimise your Tik Tok marketing efforts. Specifically focus on the fast rising method of executing Tik Tok influencer marketing campaigns.

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What is Tiktok?

Tik Tok is a short home video platform that has taken the social media by a storm. Users upload and share videos up to 15 seconds limit and often feature dancing, pranking, lip syncing , many other comedic acts.The users are allowed to add audio and visual effects, including filters and songs, making a popular destination for creative minds, but also helping anyone to be a creator.

Tiktok Popularity – Tiktok was launched in 2016 and since then it has surged in popularity. The parent company ByteDance purchased and merged the two . This way Tiktok got direct access to the Gen Z market. The app was downloaded more than 660 times in 2018 and additional 188 million in 2019 alone.

Tiktok downloads have steadily increased monthly,surpassing YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Tiktok’s global user base has reached more than 500 million active users worldwide. It has made it twice the size of Vine’s at its peak of 200 million.

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Who uses Tik Tok?

Tiktok has captivated hundreds of millions of users with its massive presence, all over the world. From the US there are 26.5 million of the 500 million monthly active users, 40% of new users of Tik Tok are from India. Tiktok is overall available in 75 languages and in 150 markets. Two-thirds of Tik Tok users are younger than 30 years old. 6 in 10 monthly active users are in the age 16 to 24 in the US. This shows that Tik Tok is attracting more Gen-Z users than any other generation.

From the age group 16 to 24 years, a little more than half are the iPhone users, 80% of Tik Tok sessions take place on Android phones. Tiktok is more popular on Android than IOS, many times a number of downloads are seen on Apple devices in 2018. 52 minutes per day are spent by users on an average on Tik Tok. In the US the users open the app 8 times a day. Compared to Snapchat (1.6) , Instagram (3.1) and Facebook (4.7) , the average session durations of Tiktok are considerable longer than 9.7 minutes.

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Comparison with other social media platforms –

after the merging of and Tik Tok, for lips syncing a separate video app – Tik Tok exploded over night, becoming the hottest social media platform due to its noval features and functionalities.

Compared to Instagram, Tik Tok focuses on short videos and not – static post, stories, long form videos, diary style captions for which Instagram is known. Tik Tok users are awarded the creativity afforded – through duets , filters, challenges and other audio visual effects, it makes Tik Tok a rabbit hole of an app where users can flip through a stream of cringeworthy, addictive, quirky content.

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While YouTube is the leading video platform, but has not conquered the short form video market. Tik Tok provide users ways to pump out many videos in a number of formats without a turn off production assistance. While YouTube supply a flow of long form, high quality related content, Tik Tok has the video content that enables users to engage with, view and create content at a much higher rate.

Facebook has evolved from a friend networking tool to a newsfeed, advertising site and multifunctional platform for other activities. Tik Tok throws light on Facebook lack of success in engaging younger demographics.

Twitch is a live streaming platform. Cooking,art, music, gaming is its largest presence. Twich users broadcast long stream video game play, and small screen overlay is the live stream so that viewers watch the gamer. Tiktok Gamers show specific gaming moments and share bits of gaming culture via short form video.

Steps to launch Tiktok influencer campaign –

Tiktok influencer marketing was around a short period of time but brands are putting the pedal with Tiktok influencer campaigns. To develop an impactful Tik Tok influencer marketing strategies marketers follow these steps:

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To understand the platform –

Don’t dive in without researching to find out if your brand is ready to launch campaign, if Tiktok is unchartered territory. Try to test new ways of reaching your target audience, or consider partnership with a reputable influencer marketing agency who knows the platform and has established relationships with the creators.

Determine campaign goals –

you should consider what your end goal is for your brand- consider the outcomes and find out which KPIs you should use to measure the campaign’s success. Having clear defined goals help you to measure the ROI of your campaign and the overall strategy.

Research and Vet influencers –

You should carefully research the creators you want to partner with. They should have a track record of delivering high quality content and earning positive engagement. Their audience must be in line with yours. Their interest and values must authentically match your brands.

Let the influencers show their creativity –

Tiktok being new may be tempting for brands to exercise too much creative control over what is being published. You have to trust the creators who are native to the platform and have stablished authenticity. Allow the influencers to have Input and refrain from taking away their creative spark, this will go a long way to develop a long-term influencer relationship.

Measure the campaign results –

Executing a campaign without knowing how to measure its performance, is futile. You should know the benchmarks of strong performance so that you can constantly test and optimise the Tiktok influencer marketing strategy. Your goal is brand awareness so see how many views the collaboration earns and how much engagement the post generates.

Make sure that Tiktok influencer sponsorships are FTC compliant –

Brands who are exploring Tiktok influencers have worked with other social media platform influencers also. You should know that FTC violations can be costly for a brand. Make sure that Tiktok influencers comply with FTC guidelines to avoid getting into a legal mess.

Tips to find Tiktok influencers –

To start Tiktok influencer marketing campaign, you have to find reputable Tik Tok influencers to partner with. Brands must exercise their best judgement while selecting influencers to represent their brand. If you fail to research carefully then and it puts brands at risk of falling short with their Tik Tok influencer marketing campaigns. To prepare your brand better for a successful Tiktok influencer marketing campaign, here are the tips on how to find Tik Tok influencers-

Know the target audience –

firstly determine if your target audience is on Tiktok, understand which influencers best resonate with them. It’s not always that Tik Tok creators with large number of followers are going to be the most impactful. Research carefully which influencers generate the most meaningful engagement and if they will be able to influence buying decisions.

Organic Google search –

Doing a targeted Google search can sometimes give helpful result. Search top Tik Tok creators to identify more popular Tik Tok influencers, modify your search to identify particular niches .

Search trending hashtags –

Note that the desktop experience offers little navigational control. Users searching specific hashtags, keywords and user handles are better off using the mobile app. Go to the discover page and enter your search within the top search bar. Brands identify top trending videos from “top” , “videos” , “users” , “sounds” and “hashtags” tabs.

Existing influencer sponsored content –

search functionalities, video content that’s tagged with #ad to identify sponsored content. This enables brands to locate existing influencer content quickly to decide if the influencers are worth for collaboration opportunities.

Cross-check known influencers –

it’s not a bad idea lastly to check on the influencers which you already know from other social media platforms. Influencers of all sizes commonly boast a strong cross-channel presence that means they are excelling on Instagram, on YouTube and also have a growing Tiktok fanbase. It may not be the case always so it’s worth checking in on the influencers which you have already worked with on other platforms.

After identifying the right influencers for your campaign, it’s time to start working with them. Certain rules of thumb are there when working with any influencer to be sure that the sponsored content is authentic and this should be crystal clear in influencer contract.

Next, brands should consider all the factors that determine how well the influencers perform-the ROI-for a given campaign. Tiktok creators are no doubt experts at nurturing engagement, brands should understand how to integrate their brands voice, values, product into the influencer content to get the most actionable engagement. It’s very essential that Tik Tok influencers drive in real results.

Brands in partnership with Tiktok influencers should aim to generate-

  • High engagement (likes, views, comments)
  • Positive brand sentiment (UGC, brand mentions)
  • Conversions (downloads, purchases, signups)

To achieve these three objectives, influencers must ensure sponsored content holds true to their personal interest and values. Without authenticity, influencers risk losing the trust of the audience, falling short of campaign goals, and harming the reputation of their brands sponsor.

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