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Buying Instagram Followers, Is It Really Worth It?

Buying Instagram Followers, Is It Really Worth It?

Should you buy Instagram followers? This is a question that haunts every wannabe Instagram Influencer. Though the concept of buy Instagram likes and followers is always controversial in content, yet it is a booming business and a lot of activity is going on in this direction. Even the most affluent influencers and celebrities have been accused of this practice from time to time. The answer is, no one is sure on this. Some suggest this is a complete failure, while others say it really works. Whatever be the answer the fact remains that it is going on in heaps and bounds across the social media and people are investing a lot on this practice. So we would be genuinely discussing on this topic and giving a holistic summary of this whole concept, with both pros and cons in this.

Why This Is Considered A Spam?

Buying Instagram Followers

Instagram is now become an industry with billions of dollars involved. Being an Instagram influencer or a celebrity is not a small deal anymore and it has become a full time carrier option for many. There are brands that are completely operating on Instagram and earning great profit margin out of it. This is attracting all the major brands and new ones to enter and invest heavily on in Instagram marketing. With so much money and companies involved it has really become highly competitive and ruthless. People and companies want to get their maximum share out of this goldmine and are ready to go to any extend foe this. This has given rise to a large industry that gives followers, likes, shares and views at a price. As the whole business model of Instagram is depended on the followers count and views.

Although there are many genuine players like which do give genuine followers and likes to its users, there are many in existence which give spam or bot followers likes to its buyers. There are even those who take the money and don’t give the product. People file for complaint and this is increasing. Instagram and other social media platforms are getting stricter against these practices and are suspending the accounts which carry these span or bot followers. So be aware and cautious about these sites and companies for spam to avoid your account from being suspended on downgraded.

How It Affects Your SERP (Search Engine Result Page)?

Buy Instagram Likes

SERP work as per the algorithms of the Instagram. This means in a niche or subject the Instagram algorithms rank the profiles which have high followers count, likes count and user engagement above those which don’t have. Now the question that arises is that how the followers and likes effect these? The answer is pretty simple, if the followers and likes that you brought actively participate in your posts, like them and even comment on those are positively effecting your search engine ranking. If the followers that you brought are fake, bot or spam they would never engage in your posts, never like your post and would be like dormant followers sitting idle.

Instagram Algorithms see this pattern and take that as a negative sign and punish your profile by reducing your SERP rank. Thus if your buy Instagram followers cheap from a dubious site you would suffer for it and it would do harm instead of good for you.

How Does It Affect User Engagement?

Buy Automatic Instagram Likes



The bot followers and likes can be very easily spotted. The profile or account which has brought followers form a dubious site does have thousands of followers, but the engagement of these followers is zero or nil. They never like your post nor share your post or comment on your post. Thus it makes your post look hollow and unlikable. People see account with tons of followers yet no likes, comments or shares and think of this as a dull profile or fake profile and keep away from you. While if you buy active Instagram followers and live ones from genuine sites, the story is completely different and vice versa.

When you buy genuine and active followers, they always like your posts, share them with their own followers and comment positively on the post. This creates a rippling effect and your post reach perimeter increases dramatically. This huge likability also lures in more organic users and increases your followers and likes count in the process. The engagement level of the users in active and genuine followers is pretty high and pushes your popularity level to a northern ride.

The genuine and active followers are easy to spot as they have their own followers count and themselves post niche related or general content time to time. Thus get the favor of the Instagram algorithms also.

Why Is Buying Instagram Followers And Likes So Popular?

Buying Instagram Followers And Likes


Since the time Instagram started generating huge money it has caught the eye of many. A new breed of Instagram niche experts arrived know as influencers. Even celebrities started to enter Instagram in greed of taking their share of pie in Instagram. As the core requirement of Instagram income depended on the number of followers one had, everyone was obsessed with increasing their followers count. With the option of buying Instagram followers available, it seemed an easy way in to rope in more followers count.

So there was a mad frenzy to buy Instagram followers. When this practice truly started to show positive results the idea became a hit and was popular among the influencer’s and celebrities. Though no one publically agrees to buying followers, yet data show that many top notch influencers, celebrities and even politicians favor and use this practice to increase followers count and to be ahead of their peers.

Although internet being full of articles and blogs posting negative reviews about this practice it is thriving and increasing its popularity, and there seem to be no near future slump in this practice.


With social media dominating the global market and Instagram being the leading player in this. We can conclude that the concept of buy Instagram followers and likes is here to stay and grow. The only concern is the growing market of spam sites and bot providing companies, who are taking advantage of the concept’s popularity and are providing spam followers or even no followers and creating havoc in the industry. The conclusion is clear there are no shortcuts to success and the followers brought can never beat the followers gained organically. Yet if the followers brought are genuine and active they do assist in making the post or profile popular and attractive. So it is all up to your conscience and beliefs.

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