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Do Celebrities And Influencers Buy Instagram Followers?

Do Celebrities And Influencers Buy Instagram Followers?

Do Celebrities And Influencers Buy Instagram Followers?

Do famous people buy instagram followers? Well yes and no. There are celebrities and major influencers who have been caught buying the followers on Instagram, yet there are celebrities and influencers who refrain from such practices. But the truth is that this practice of buying instagram followers is prominent in the celebrity world. Many times social media platforms have cracked on these fake followers. Instagram recently terminated millions of fake followers from instagram as per news on, majority of these fake followers were from accounts of celebrities and Influencers.

Why Do Celebrities And Influencers Adopt To Buying Fake Followers?

With user count crossing 1 billion in numbers, instagram now means money. The eye popping success of new age influencers and the huge chunk of money they make has attracted millions more to become influencers and to try their luck on this promising turf. These wanabe influencers are ready to do anything to be famous and attract big brands to fill their pockets. To buy instagram likes and followers seems to them as a rather easy and fast way to attain success. So they try it.

Celebrities are also smitten by this new money making platform called instagram and they find it an easy place where they can earn extra by taking advantage of their celebrity status. As the niche competition toughens, the celebrities those are not so much popular or are on the lower pedestal of the stardom take refuge in these practices of buying instagram followers in hope of equaling their more successful counter parts. Hence the business of selling instagram followers and likes is booming like never before.

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Does It Really Help To Buy Instagram Followers?

The crux of a successful and striving business is that it in demand and people are interested in its products and services. The same can be said to the niche business of buying instagram likes and followers. It is thriving because it is in demand, and it is in demand because it seems to be working. People don’t spend money for something that is not working or gives negative results. They may try and if it fails, dump it. But the trend that we are seeing in the market is that this business is booming and now many more players have come to this market and are doing good, some examples of sites that are making good business are,, etc.

Now the answer to the question of whether the practice of buying adherents really working is yes. It seems to be working. The celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Akon, Oprah Winfrey etc. who had been accused of choosing this practice to promote their instagram and twitter profile are doing good and this practice seem to have helped them. So we have a proven fact that the idea to buy instagram followers seems to be working. If not in a major way by in a assisted sort of way.

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Does The Practice To Buy Instagram Followers Have Legal Implications?

So far it’s a plain NO. The practice of buying followers is going on in the internet since the advent of social media. People found a business in this niche and so created a whole new market. Normal people, influencers, bloggers and celebrities are buying followers and likes since forever. Instagram, twitter and facebook from time to time do crack on these fake followers, they tend to erase these followers and sometimes penalize the beneficiary. But that is that, nothing else is done by them. Hence people tend to again get into the same practice and cycle keeps on repeating itself.

Google or any other search engine has no legal policy to check or punish such practices or sites. The fact is that Google runs paid ads of these sites which you can see if you type the keyword buy instagram followers or buy instagram likes. So we are pretty sure that there are no legal complication to this practice. Hence this would be a favorite to the celebrities and the influencers on instagram.

Buy Instagram Followers Have Legal Implications


Where there is money and that too heaps would attract everyone. Celebrities and influencers are no different. So if their income depends upon the number of followers they possess, they would go to any extent to achieve that feat. Even if it involves buying followers. With the practice being not illegal on Google there seems no slowing down of this industry. So celebrities and influencers would keep on buying instagram followers and would keep on denying this fact. So enjoy the fun till it last, as everything that goes up has to come down some day or the other.

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