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How Instagram Is Breaking The Beauty Stereotypes Globally?

How Instagram Is Breaking The Beauty Stereotypes Globally?

How Instagram Is Breaking The Beauty Stereotypes Globally?

Before the era of social media world had a beauty standard set by the fashion elites, media, advertisers and entertainment industry. It made us believe the beauty is skin deep and has to be in certain body frame (thin, fair, tall etc.). The whole concept of beauty revolved around the stereotypes set by this cult and they were all motivated by the greed for money the beauty industry had potential for. For centuries women suffered emotionally and mentally because of the guilt and frustration of not meeting the set parameters of beauty. The beauty industry cult kept on leeching on these anxieties of women and kept of pushing its vicious agenda of creating a nearly impossible image of women’s beauty.

The advent of social media came as a shocker and bolt to this beauty cult. They were taken aback form the immense popularity social media was getting. What they thought was their forte was being taken from them slowly yet steadily. Social media, especially instagram gave birth to a new set of popular group of people known as the influencers. These were no special people but were normal, common people who were neither some movie star nor some super model. These were people who were nobody, yet people liked their style, their way of dressing and way of carrying themselves.

So people started to follow them and take their advice seriously on fashion, food and what not? These were not among the global fashion elite and they were breaking the empire of the global fashion stereotyping. With new options like buy instagram followers, hashtags, internet becoming cheaper and even free the growth of influencers bombarded.

Instagram Influencers And Birth Of New Beauty And Fashion Era

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Ashley Graham has a follower’s count of 7.7 million followers a count more than many top fashion models in the beauty industry. Now she defies all the beauty standards put forward by the beauty industry for us for centuries. She is fat, she is not fair-fair, she is not all a movie star, nor any brand mannequin. She has shattered all the set parameters of previous fashion stereo types yet she is famous, happening and is icon to millions. It would not had been possible without Instagram. Instagram has given to us new rules in fashion and beauty and that rule is that there are no rules at all.

Instagram has created and nurtured the body positivity in all women. Now beauty is not defined by any perfect physical attribute rather its now being confident and positive about the frame in which you are blessed with. Instagram and rise of influencers has helped millions of women to come out of their deep rooted guilt and apprehensions that were pressed in them through the global fashion and beauty money mongering industry, in an attempt to sell its products and services. Now everything that is positive to a women is fashion and beauty. It is all about being happy in your own skin. The Instagram impact is clearly visible in the shocked beauty and fashion big names. Now almost all the top beauty experts and brands are coming up with fashion that is acceptable to all shapes, sizes and color. Instagram has truly changed the whole beauty industry for good.

Instagram Has Changed The Whole Societal Thought Process On Beauty

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Instagram has helped the women globally to come out of the guilt of not being in the earlier fashion and beauty standards. For centuries it was fed into the minds of women across the globe that being fat is not beautiful, being short is not beautiful, being dark skinned is not beautiful and so on. This led women to think that they were not beautiful and hence in an attempt to being beautiful used the products offered by the companies leeching on these fears. This vicious cycle was going on for decades. In the conquest of being the perfect beauty women got in to more and more guilt and depression.

Social media and its platform like instagram splintered this age old notion and gave rise to body positivity and being comfortable in one’s own skin. The rise of instagram influencers who were opposite to set parameters of beauty and fashion is a clear indicator of change in the though process of the society towards seeing beauty and fashion. It is infact a boon to the society and humankind as a whole and would help the future generations to live in a stereotype free society where it is ok to be fat, short dark etc. It is all about feeling good about oneself and being positive in the global outlook. After all what is beauty good for if not spreading happiness, and as it is rightly said ” Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”.

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