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How To Become Famous And Popular On Social Media?

How To Become Famous And Popular On Social Media


There was a time when being famous meant being a big movie star, being in a rock band or being a sportsman. These people still are popular and enjoy a great fame, but a new breed of people have come and taken much of their space this new age breed is surfing high on the world wide wave of social media and creating ripples in the populist environment. These people are commonly known as the Influencers, people who influence and inspire a great population completely on social media. These new age popular figures enjoy all the attention and have a say in every discussions on social media.

These Influencers are also making tons of money and are turning out to be an inspirations to billions more. So the questions that we frequently hear on a daily basis are how to become famous and popular on social media. Well in this article we would ponder upon some points that would assist you into realizing this social media dream.

Setting up the parameter:

How To Become Famous And Popular On Social Media

The first and foremost step towards being famous in social media is to first deciding the parameter. This means that deciding on the level and range on which you want to be famous. Let’s be practical of the fact that being famous overnight is one chance in millions, plus people who got overnight fame were not the ones who were planning on it, something clicked and became viral unintentionally and they instantly became a world sensation. This is rarest of the rare possibility, so if you plan to be famous then you need to decide on where you need to be famous, instagram, facebook, twitter or anywhere else. After that the thing you need to decide is the set of range you need to be famous, in your area, community, state, country or the world (be realistic and practical about it). This would be very crucial in the long run.

Finding the niche:

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The Second step towards being famous on social media is to finding the correct niche for your social media profile. You need to understand your strength and weakness and decide accordingly. If you have talent for singing and try a niche that is about computer graphics then you would fail miserably. So finding the perfect niche is really important. Analyze your strengths, talents and then select the niche for your social media profile. If you have found the correct niche then it is rally easy to focus on that niche audience and it becomes relatively easy to be famous in a targeted audience.

Be a solutions Provider:

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Human kind from the inception is bend towards people who have provided them with solutions and advices in any field. A solution provider is always popular among his or her community, state or country. So if you intent to be famous on social media, and have found the niche to work upon and also familiar with the targeted audience, you need to be the point where all the problems would find the solutions for that niche. Work hard and have in-depth knowledge of your niche. Build authority in your niche group on social media platforms, people should look up to you for any niche related problems and discussions.

Be unique, be different:

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We are living in time period where an average attention span of a human is less than 8 seconds. So if you are like the general audience and have nothing unique no one would be interested in your profile and would not even notice you. Be unique and create your own style. The people who are successful on social media are the ones who are different and have some unique style that defines them. So work on your style and create something that can be associated with only you.

Be amusive, funny and witty:

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Humor and comedy get along everywhere and with everyone, and one thing that you can associate with almost every social media influencer is that they are witty, funny and crazy. I am not saying that try that if you are not good at humor. But if you are great then create something witty, wicked and funny. This thing always succeeds and makes people like you and funny and witty people are always popular in the group.

Work on your talent and grow it:

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Everyone has some talent that he or she is aware of. If you need to be famous then work on that talent and grow it with passion and devotion. Learn from the best in that field and rehearse and practice hard. Soon you would develop a mastery on that talent and then you can showcase that on the social media platforms like Instagram and youtube. Today we see so many youngsters who are doing great on social media because of their talent. They may be not the best but they are unique and have developed their individual talent.

Build you brand:

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Today we are living the world ruled by social media, it is indeed a tough world and only the people who have established themselves survive this highly competitive world. To be famous you need to build a name for yourself. You need to transform yourself into a brand. You should develop such an aura that your niche should be identified with your name or brand. Be determined and focused on what you want to show the world and work on it. Promote yourself on every social media platform and ask your followers and well-wishers for promoting you. Remember Rome was not build in a day, neither would be your brand, you have to earn it.

Every famous influencer has developed a unique signature for themselves and have created a brand for themselves. When you become a brand in yourself, people identify you with your signature or if they find your specialty anywhere they associate that with you.

Try, try until you succeed:

The most important thing to understand is the fact that, it is OK to fail at this and see many of your attempts backfiring. But the truth is that we must try and try again infact we must try until we succeed. Social media is like life it is tough and would do everything to keep you down. But if you have the determination and zeal t succeed then you can be famous and successful on social media.

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