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How To Look Beautiful On Instagram?

How To Look Beautiful On Instagram

“Mirror mirror on the wall who is the prettiest of them all” This fairy tale phrase never gets old. Like every human being we all want to be the prettiest of them all, and when it comes to Instagram we definitely want to be the prettiest of them all. Everyone wants to look more than his or her best on Instagram. It’s like our statement to the world and we want to rock in that. Some instagram profiles look so beautiful and awesome that we all wish to have a Instagram profile like that. Being beautiful on Instagram has numerous other benefits as well.

You can be an influencer, you can start your on beauty, fashion, travel or lifestyle blog or products. You can win a sponsorship and earn good money out of it. Plus you can have thousands and millions of followers and admirers in your kitty. So being beautiful on Instagram is not only good for your soul it is good for your financial and social wellbeing also. So let’s learn some simple yet effective ways to look beautiful and ecstatic on Instagram:

Work On Your Photography And Image Selection:

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Let’s face the fact that Instagram is all about image, image and image. When you aim on looking beautiful on Instagram your sole focus should be to come out with the best photograph of yours. Even if you are the most beautiful person on the planet a bad photography and worst image selection could make you the ugliest looking person on the planet. So always work at great depth on the photograph you are taking. Always try and take photos from a good high end DSLR, or a high resolution mobile, take professional help if possible. After you have taken breath taking photos select the best among those. The one that makes you sharper, beautiful and attention grabbing.

Work On The Composition Of The Image:

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Composition is all about proper and systematic arrangement of elements in an image or photograph. It’s all about setting the right components and the right place to make you look more beautiful and to create out that magical effect which would make your stand out in the crowd on Instagram. It’s an art of making you’re the center piece of the landscape and frame. So to mark a presence on Instagram by looking stunningly beautiful, you should work on the composition of the image. For the finest composition for Instagram these elements must be looked upon:

  • Line
  • Shape
  • Form
  • Texture
  • Pattern
  • space

Work On The Selection Of Colors And Tones:

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In any photograph or art for that matter color and tones have really important role to play. Color selection makes or breaks your whole Instagram campaign. While selecting the colors always remember to choose color that suits your persona. Your skin tone background landscape, clothes you are wearing, time of day, whether it is cloudy or not or the demography you are in all have major effect on the final image. Like the picture of the face photographed in the morning would be different when photographed in the afternoon and at night. Even your hair, makeup, shoe selection all need to be color coordinated. If you get the color and tone selection right, no one can stop you from looking stunning and beautiful.

Work On The Resolution Of The Image:

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We are living in an age of high resolution and the same rule applies. High resolution means more clarity, more precision and more accuracy. In Instagram a high resolution picture is a must for creating a lasting impact. High resolution gives depth to the picture and enhances the light and color of the image. So if you are determined on being beautiful on Instagram make it always a high resolution picture. I Phones are really great at this and the new age I phones like I phone 8 and I phone X have capture really great captivating pictures in high resolution.

Make Use Of Image Editing Apps:

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Of course snap chat is way ahead in this genre than Instagram, but if you take help of some external apps you can create some really interesting and attractive images. Instagram has its own filters for this

  • Clarendon – good for selfie
  • Juno – Good for making your picture pop
  • Ludwig – Good for portraits, shapes and art
  • Lark – Good for natural shots
  • Gingham – Good for hipsters
  • Lo-fi – Good for the millennial
  • Aden – Good for autumn shots
  • Valencia – Good for Photos with light pinks and pastels
  • X-Pro II – Good for transforming normal photos into very intense photos.

Besides these there are many third party applications that can make your picture stand out and create a wow factor for you like photoshop express, Snapseed, VSCO cam etc. You just have to research and find out which ones suit better for you.

Exploring The Layouts:

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Instagram layouts is a revolutionary Instagram application that gives you the opportunity to build collages on their mobile photos and share it then on facebook, twitter or every other social media platform they wish for. It has different options and you can work out on which works best for you

  • Faces: This features captures the images that contain faces as the dominant factor. Again best if you want to highlight your face.
  • Photo booth: This feature of Instagram Layout captures spontaneous moments. When you tap this catch, the application begins a commencement clock and after that catches a progression of photographs that you’ll see show up in a split second in a design.
  • Grid Options: This option allows you to scan the photos as well as pinch and zoom to better locate them. The grid option gives you the option to present your multiple favorite pics to create a more efficient and lasting effect.


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In the age of Instagram being beautiful is not an option but a necessity. Being Instagram beauty carries with its multiple outstanding perks and benefits. It not only fills your coffers but also makes you recognizable and popular across the social media. You can be as beautiful as anyone else on Instagram, the only thing required is focus and determination. If you follow all the details given in the blog you can really achieve the goal of being beautiful on Instagram, and the Instagram would definitely say “you are the prettiest of them all”

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