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Social Media Breaking The Beauty Standards Of The World

Social Media Breaking The Beauty Standards Of The World

Social Media Breaking The Beauty Standards Of The World

One of the drawbacks of living in a society is that we are all bound by the seen and unseen rules set by the society. Society sets norms and standards regarding beauty and appearances. Anyone on the north or south of these beauty societal parameters was considered ugly or unpleasant. This was going on since ages and humanity was webbed around this narrative. The business which were based on fashion and beauty products aggravated this epidemic and widened the hypocrisy around it. According to this widely spread narrative fat was ugly, dark skin was unpleasant, being short etc. fell into the lower level of beauty standards. This all created a depressing sentiment in people who felled in this category (there were the majority).

With the advent of social media this age old hypocritical though process got a hit. Social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, twitter and many more broke this narrative of fixing a beauty standard. Earlier the small minority of beauty experts, fashion models, designers and promoting fashion and beauty companies dictated the beauty standards for the society. Now we are seeing a wave of change where people are accepting the real and more practical beauty standards. All thanks to social media through which we have now real not so perfect beauty models, with whom we can connect and feel close to in resemblance. So let’s ponder upon how has the social media broke the general beauty standards and what is trending in beauty now:

Being Strong, Confident And Beautiful Is The New Standard:

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Meet Winnie Harlow she is a beautiful model who has 1.1 million followers to her credit. You may wonder what is so new about it, well she is well far from the standard age old beauty standards that were prevalent. She has vitiligo (Condition in which the skin loses its pigment cells). In old times she would had been bullied and hated upon. But today through social media she is loved and respected and is truly an inspiration to all the eves around the globe.

This is one of the many examples which states the fact that social media specially instagram is changing the view point of the world, and women are breaking their age long fears and coming out confident and strong as they now understand being strong and confident is the real beauty.

Rise Of Unfiltered And Real Picture Sharing:

There is a rapid rise in celebrities and other famous personalities sharing their unfiltered and real pictures on social media platforms like Instagram. The hashtag #unfiltered is trending in top on Instagram. The idea is that you don’t have to be always on layers of makeup or filters to be beautiful. Real and unfiltered is also beautiful. This is infact a blow to the traditional and beauty companies promoting the idea that you have to put on makeup and other products to look beautiful. This unfiltered pictures posted on Instagram are really a huge step towards demolishing the pressure of always looking good on social media and in real life.

Being Fat Is No Longer A Taboo:

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Ashley Graham (7.6m), Saffi Karina (372k) are some the many plus size models that are storming the Instagram. These models in the societal standard would be called fat, and few years ago would not even had dreamt of this scenario. Today social media has broken the age old notion that fat is ugly. No more says these plus size models and their millions of followers. For ages being fat was considered not a beauty standard and we were bombarded with petite models who were thin to be the perfect female body figure. This created worse mental distress in women of all ages and they considered themselves inferior. With social media all this has changed. Now we have plus size instagram celebrities who are way more popular than many skinnier models.

Being Short Is Also Attractive:

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Modeling in early times and even now in traditional mode of existence requires models to be taller and thinner. Being short was a beauty taboo and was considered a negative in traditional and popularized beauty standards. But with social media it has also changed for good. Instagram has many short models who have millions of followers and are making fashion statements. Short models like Genesis Vega (104k) is only 5 feet tall way shorter than the beauty standards set by fashion industry. Amina Blue (616k) only 5.1 feet, are among many such short beautiful ladies that are raging the Instagram with their presence and impact. Gone are the days when being taller was considered the most beauty trait to be a fashion model, social media has changed that taboo for good. It has brought confidence in women and men who were short and were depressed about that.

In social media it is your talent and confidence that matters. So social media has demolished that taboo also form being beautiful.

Social Media Is Breaking Many Typical Beauty Stereotypes:

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With social media impact all the pillars of old beauty stereo types are broken. The effect of the social media can be seen across the fashion and beauty industry, Typical beauty brands like Victoria’s secret which was notorious for putting up petite and traditional beauty models for its promotions recently came up with ‘love my body campaign’ in which it brought models of all size and shapes. Dove which is notorious for being projecting fairer models came up with ‘real beauty campaign’ in which models were of all shades of color.

This impact is because of the awareness brought by the social media. It has indeed changed the world for good. Yes it is not all hunky dory but still change is happening and is happening fast. Beauty is not decided by some elite and up class fashion houses and enterprises who dictated the beauty norms form centuries. Now even a normal teenage girl active on social media or a house wife active on social media can dictate and decide what is beautiful for her. This is empowerment and it is happening.

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