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The Dummies Guide To Buying Instagram Followers

The Dummies Guide To Buying Instagram Followers

The Dummies Guide To Buying Instagram Followers

Instagram is a craze sweeping every country around the globe. Populations of countries are bonded by this amazing social media platform. The humongous popularity has lured in advertisers big and small to this instrument of unparalleled opportunity. This has also given rise to a new form of carrier option to people who have talent or gift of attracting crowd. Instagram has opened new gates of digital advertising known as Influencer marketing.

The power of the influencer or the brands promoting products and services on Instagram lies in the number of followers they possess the more the merrier. The Influencer paycheck depends upon the size of his followers count and the sales of a brand are determined by the followers they command on.

So when the whole deal of Instagram success is depended on the followers count it becomes indeed essential and crucial to increase the follower count at any cost. Here is where the concept of buy Instagram followers comes to play. Many find it controversial and there are tons of literature available on the internet, siting the ills of this practice, but the fact remains that it is a highly practiced option and people are doing it to increase the followers and are successful also. So here is a guide for even the newest in the field of Instagram influencer concept and thinks of making big on this:

Determine the motive:

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The first and foremost important step is to first decide on becoming an influencer or entering your brand in to the Instagram. Because if you are not sure about the motive than it would be a complete disaster. But if you have made up your mind in becoming a influencer or to enter the Instagram to sell and promoter your business then read further.

Select the niche:

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After your motive is clear, the second important decision that you have to make is of selecting the correct Niche. That means that you need to determine the correct market or audience for your endeavor or product promotions. Selecting the correct niche is of paramount importance as selecting a wrong market or audience would jeopardies your whole project. Keep in mind the points (if you are into becoming influencer) your strengths, talent, hobby and command over the topic and (if you into promoting your business) your end customer and markets that you need to capture, like if you are into breast pumps your target audience would be obviously new mother and potential ones your audience cannot be teenagers for this.

Determine the number of followers you need to buy:

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When you have sorted out the niche and made an instagram profile and business account, the next step is to increase the followers. Now increasing followers on Instagram is not a child play. Followers are needed and are an absolute necessity for success on Instagram as an influencer and also as a business. So the best step is to create a credible Instagram account through buy Instagram followers and likes option.

So decide on the numbers of followers you need to start your account or profile. If your niche is smaller and have limited number of followers, you can choose a smaller option like buy 1000 Instagram followers, but if your targeted market is big and vision large then you can opt for bigger options like buy 100000 Instagram followers which would straightaway catapult your profile’s popularity and you make a grand Instagram debut.

Select a legitimate site:

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Starting your Instagram commercial journey is crucial and really important for you. Each and every step you take in this direction is determinable on the future prospect of your Instagram journey. Choosing the correct site to buy Instagram followers is of paramount importance. Internet is flooded with dubious and illicit sites which offer fake and bot followers. These sites are like leeches and are only interested in our hard earned money and care a devils foot about our Instagram feat. Buying Instagram likes from them would result in negative ranking and even suspension of our Instagram account. So choose wisely the correct site, you can select a legitimate site by looking at its Google ranking, user reviews and site’s quality etc.

Select the package, pay and get delivery:

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After you have selected a legitimate site, you have to select the package that you find good for your project and profile. Some may need only 1000 followers while other may be needing 5000 Instagram followers. All legitimate sites offer an array of packages from 100 Instagram followers for $2 to 50000 Instagram followers for $150. After you have selected the package pay through PayPal and other payment gateways given by the site (although PayPal would be the best). After payment sites usually deliver the followers or likes to your Instagram profile or business account in a time span of 5 min to 12 hours depending on the traffic and quality of site.

Reap the benefits:

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So now that you are aware of the procedures and process to buy Instagram followers you can enjoy the benefits and perks it offers after you buy the same. Once you have brought the followers, your account swells up with followers which in turn gives it a credible and authentic look. This creates a bandwagon effect as people are lured into such accounts which have a sudden increase in followers as to learn what is going on in this account or what is the reason for so much quick popularity and they come to peek through. Sudden increase in traffic would mean potential customers for your account, and if you are good at your posts and products and have good command over the aspirations and expectations of the niche audience you could easily create new organic followers.


Buying Instagram followers in not a new concept and is the market for a long time. Celebrities and influencers are using this concept regularly to boost their profile, whether they admit to it or not is a completely different subject. But is been proven time and time again that this practice is widely popular among the know how’s of the Instagram. So why you need to be left back when so much can be achieved from this practice. Now that this blog has cleared all the doubts about how to buy Instagram followers and likes, it is high time now to indulge in this and reap the benefits form this smart and amazing concept.

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