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Why Instagram Is The Favorite Place For Celebrities And Influencers On Social Media

Why Instagram Is The Favorite Place For Celebrities


Why Instagram Is The Favorite Place For Celebrities

Social media has entered the lives of almost every one on this planet. Not many souls are spared form its spell of magic. The most amazing aspect of social media is that is through this people are able to connect with the global audiences and can easily understand and blend with likeminded people. Celebrities and Influencers too need to reach out to more and more people as they also want to expand their fans and followers. Although there are numerous popular social media platforms like facebook, twitter, pinterest etc. the most popular choice among the celebrities and influencers is Instagram.

Instagram is increasingly becoming the best choice and most popular choice for social media for the famous and influential people. But what is the reason? Why these celebrated and admired people are turning to instagram for promoting them and their endorsements, well let’s understand this and ponder upon the possible reasons:

No need to add as friend to connect on Instagram:

Celebrities and followers need followers and fans to connect with them and to increase their fan base and to reach out the products they endorse. But accepting everyone as a friend is practically not feasible and also not safe for a famous person as the menace of stalking and trolling lurks around. The information, endorsement or post which the celebrities want to post can be posted. The people who like them would follow them and there is no obligation on the part of the celebrity or an influencer to follow back. This is a reason why famous people are more inclined towards Instagram.

The privacy is more secure on Instagram:

Instagram Is The Favorite Place For Celebrities

Celebrities and Influencers like their private lives to be private. Facebook which the largest social media platform does not let them have that much privacy as fans and trolls tend to peek into their private lives. With Instagram the privacy issue is greatly taken care off. The fans and followers are only allowed what the celebrities and influencers want them to see and share.

Instagram is a narcissist’s paradise:

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Whether we accept it or not celebrities with a few minority in exception are narcissist in nature and love to display themselves more and more. Instagram is the correct platform for them, were they can fulfill their narcissistic desires to the fullest and attain the pinnacle of self-praise they were looking for.

Instagram has limit for followers’ appetite:

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While all mostly all other social media platforms including facebook has a limit for number of followers anyone can add. Instagram has no such boundaries. On Instagram celebrities and influencers can go on adding followers to their profile without any restrictions. Infact the more the better is the real popularity of Instagram and it also increases your chances of earning more, in respect with sponsorship income.

Easy access for followers and fans also:

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On social media platforms like facebook one needs to send fried request to be able to connect with an influencer and celebrity. Such is not the case in Instagram, on Instagram you need just to follow the celebrity to be able to connect with them. Thus it is really easy for the fans and admirers to connect with their favorite celebrities and influencers as compared to facebook and other social media platforms.

Wide range of broadcasting applications on Instagram:

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Instagram has many broadcasting options for the celebrities and influencers like IGTV, live options and different filters for photos. Which makes it really interesting and gives celebrities and influencers greater chances to showcase their strength and beauty which helps them in getting more and more followers.

Instagram is a better source of income:

Instagram Is The Favorite Place For Celebrities

Instagram has more advertisers and sponsors as compared to other social media platforms. Instagram is a really great paymasters and many celebrities are earning more money in Instagram than their real profession’s income. Some of the top celebrities are earning millions of dollars in one post on their Instagram feed. As Instagram has a better sales conversion ratio more and more companies are targeting Instagram for their brand’s promotion.

The data leakage scam in facebook:

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The recent data leakage scams which happened in facebook has also shattered the image of facebook on the minds of general people. People are now skeptical of facebook and they fear for their data to be leaked and handed over to some unscrupulous elements. This has also shifted a major chunk of audience to shift to the Instagram including celebrities and influencers.

Instagram is free of propaganda and political garbage:

While facebook and twitter has now turned out to be platforms to propagate propaganda, fake news and political and religious garbage, Instagram is free for it. People post all sort of political ideology, religious sentiments and propaganda and hate through facebook, now if a celebrity or an influencers even likes or comments on these posts, hell breaks loose on them. Instagram is free of any of these filthy problems and celebrities don’t have to worry about these. They can just post their art, beauty of self and get followed and liked by the masses without having to worry about it.

Instagram is more niche specific:

Instagram is more niche specific

Unlike other social media platforms instagram is more niche specific. Instagram groups are generally niche centric and the algorithm also supports this. This results in the celebrities and influencers reaching the correct audience which has a very great success ratio in terms of increasing the endorsed sales and also followers and likes. The exponential increase in the growth of influencers on Instagram is because of this only. Now we have influencers for fitness, sports, dance, cooking, DIY etc. and because the market of Instagram is niche centric, companies and commerce houses are finding their products endorsed by influencers sold more easily and rapidly on Instagram.


We find that the Instagram is getting used by more and more celebrities and Influencers as the number one social media platform for their posts. The reason also we have understood. This trend is unlikely to be reversed unless some new social media sensation turns around. Instagram is the new wave on social media which is so popular that it has crossed the coveted billion mark.

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